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  • If your total at the end of the month is greater then $10.00 a check will be ready for you on the 1st day of the following month we are open. 
  • Reminder the first $5.00 you sell will come off for your yearly consignors fee.



 We take T-shirt's, Flannel's, and Jeans year round

Seasonal & Holiday Accepting Dates

Valentine's:  January 1st - January 31st

Easter: January 1st - March 15th

Spring/Garden: February 15th - April 30th

Summer: April 1st - July 15th

Fall: July 15th - September 30th

Halloween: August 1st - September 30th

Winter: September 1st - December 31st

Christmas: October 1st - November 30th

All bedding & dishes must be in sets

All baby clothing 12 mo and under must be in outfits

All watches must be in working order



Antiques, Collectible, China, Crystal


Encyclopedia sets, Textbooks, Tins, Photo albums, Binders, Old suitcases, Jewelry boxes, Make up cases, CD's, Pins/Brooches, Computer bags, Cook/Self Help/How to Books, Paraffin Wax, Bath Jacuzzi/massages , Foot bath 

Baby Items

Expired car seats, Cribs with drop down sides, Crib mattress, Bottles, Burp cloths, Bed sets/sheets,         Receiving blankets


Used underwear/socks/bras,  Stockings/Nylons,  Old/Outdated clothes (styles change with the years,      it has less of a chance of selling if it's 5 years or older), Business/Formal/Dressy Wear including Shoes,  Jackets/Blazers,  Women's pant/skirt suits, Skirts,  Slacks,  Men's Suits,  Homecoming/Prom/Wedding


8 track tapes, Cassette tapes, VHS tapes, Outdated electronics, Cell phones, Box computer monitors, Camera's and accessories, Fax machines, Pagers, Recorders, Scanners, Tube TVs,  Ceiling fans not in original boxes


Metal desks, Mattress


 Blinds, Paint, Mismatched dishes, Glasses, Mugs, Ice tea makers, Crochet blanket/throw, Clear vases, Clear candle holders, Clear bowls/dishes

Sporting gear

Guns/ ammunition, Golf, Bikes with rust or flat tires, Exercise equipment including bike racks


Easy bake ovens, Kids fun meal toys, Stuffed animals, Misfit toys 



For possible recalled child items

Preparing items:

All items must be "Like New" or gently used and FRESHLY cleaned. Any items containing pieces must be attached to the item (zip lock bags work great). All items that require batteries will be tested at appointment. All electronics must be in working order. Furniture is accepted as room is available. Please call ahead to make sure we can take your exact item***before you bring it in*** All dishes/glasses/cups/pot/pans & bedding must be in sets. No misfits. All clothing must be modern, gently used and freshly cleaned and neat, meaning not worn out or shrunken, no rips/tears, soiled marks, pills, wrinkles or hair, all buttons and zippers must be in working order. Adult shirts must be brought in on hangers. (we will return hangers if you want them back) Any matching pieces organized together. All other clothing must be neatly folded and in a box or bin. ** clothing brought in garbage bags will be rejected. Check our schedule to make sure what season of clothes we are accepting. All items will be gone through while you wait.

If you have a large piece of furniture that you cannot fit into the backseat of car, bring pictures of it on your phone or email pictures to so we can insure to bring in.


  • Complete Consignment is a 40/60 consignment store. Consignors receives 40% of all final sales before taxes. For large ticket items that are over $75 the consignor will receive 60%. We set prices for all items brought in. Please inform staff if an item has an expensive price point.  There is a $5.00 annual fee to consign with Complete Consignment. This will be taken out of your first check. Checks will be paid out on the first of the month for anything over $10.00. A $1.00 fee per check mailed out. Complete Consignment has the right to refuse any items.
  • Pick up check______   Mail check______
  • You must start your account with at least 10 items. The number of items may be limited weekly. Complete Consignment reserves the right to cancel accounts.
  • All items must be clean and neat, meaning No soiled marks, wrinkles, hair, pills,all buttons, snaps and zippers must be in working order. Adult shirts must be brought in on a hanger. (we will return hangers if you want them back). All other clothing must be neatly folded and in a box or bin. Clothing brought in garbage bags will be rejected. All items will be gone through while you wait.
  • Complete Consignments contract is a 120 day contract. Items are subject to be put on sale. After 60 days the discounted sale price can go up to 75% off.
  • If at the end of your 120 day contract you would like your items back, it is your responsibility to pick up your items within 7 days after expired time. Please call to inform us when you are planning on picking up your items and allow us up to 48 hours to collect your items. Due to lack of holding space, after your items are pulled for return, they must be picked up on date agreed upon or they will be donated.  Items that do not sell or are not picked up within given time will be considered property of Complete Consignment and will be donated or put on clearance. $25 fee will be applied to large items not picked up during grace period.
  • Complete Consignment is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

I have read the above terms of Complete Consignment. I understand and agree by signing below. Initial one:  Donate­­­­­­­­________   Return________

_____ I have checked for any recall items.